A one button mini golf game made for #LOWREZJAM 2022

Press 2 Putt is the sequel to my first ever #LOWREZJAM entry back in 2019. 'Press N Putt'. Sharing similar mechanics, I tried to create new level designs, with a more polished aesthetic. 

Lock your aim, set your power, and try to beat your high score in this quick but tricky take on mini golf.  

Hope you enjoy! - Cody


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Fun game and great aesthetics!

ngl i got jumpscared by the goal noise. it's considerably louder than everything else. fun game, though!

There's no collision for the walls? Makes it kinda pointless.

Oh, there should be. This is my first time using the framework I chose, you might be hitting a bug 😱

I tried it again and there's definitely no collision when playing in Firefox (version 103.0.2).

It works fine in Chrome and MS Edge though so maybe it's browser specific.


So nice game ! ♥